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The 1st Division
(Website still in the works)

Mods: We currently use Ace and other weapon mods which are all available on our discord to make sure that it becomes real, such as a advanced medical system, a advanced weapon system which can include weapon jamming.
Ranks: We have fair ranks, as one would observe in the U.S. military. You will rank up based on your bravery, skill, determination, teamwork, and leadership.
Trainings: At least a couple times a week we will have trainings, in which everyone will be welcomed to participate, gun training, medical training, as well as escalation of force and deescalation of force. 
Daily: We are on almost daily, having fun and realism in what missions we set up for everyone.
Groups: We will later organize the groups based on the amount of people on a mission, and the amount of high ranks present. This will help the group work on teamwork, working together from different group leaders.
Roles(May Change): Per Group
-Assistant Automatic Rifleman(AAR)
-Automatic Rifleman(AR)
-Fireteam Leader(FTL)

Steam Group:
Our Website:

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